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Nubank's IPO Campaign

Role: Creative Lead, Concept, Copywriter

Here is the story about how Nubank tripled the number of people in the Brazilian stock market by entering the stock market.

Our challenge was to create the biggest inclusion and financial education event ever, bringing people together in this unique moment in our history, our IPO, through a simple and transparent inclusion experience. 

We gave every client the opportunity to receive one stock of Nubank, for free, just by accepting it in our app. 

But in a country where only 3% of people invest in stocks and barely understand about it, we had to make it simpler.

Stock = pedacinho. A smart way to say that you can become the owner of a pedacinho of a big company. Playful, crafted, popular.

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 16.42.14.png

We started by creating a movement that put stocks inside people's everyday conversation.  We made a FUNK with KONDZILLA. We made cake. Game strategy. Soccer strategy. Make Up. Travel script. Everything with the help of some of Brazilian biggest youtubers.

We democratized access to investments through pop culture to make common people understand that "yes, I can invest in the stock market, I can have a "pedacinho of a company".

Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 16.50.40.png

Once people understood more about stocks, we turned
8 million customers into partners of Nubank.  

→ Impressions: 1.1b
→ Trending topics on Twitter organically
→ Articles: 2,495 (573 tier 1) 
→ Positive feeling: +97%
→ Nubank reached #1 on Google Brasil
→ Top 10 on searches around the world
→ +100 articles for Donos do Pedaço 
→ 2.3x B3 (3.3M CPFs)

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